Apr 23, 2017

April Showers of Great Beer!

A quick recap of this months Basin Brewer's meeting:

  • We got our club calendar for the year planned out! Lots of exciting events are coming in the year ahead!
  • Discussed future plans with our favorite watering hole, The Beer Garden (stay tuned for exciting details)
  • Finalized more details for our annual Lobster Boil in September
  • Had a great round table with lots of great homebrew from our members including everything from pales to imperial stouts, and even an awesome accidental sour pilsner!
  • Had the first of our BJCP judge preparation classes in which our Secondary Fermenter Aaron led us through a informal tasting/judging of various commercial American Pale Ales (18B) and threw us a curve ball which made us all rethink our judging strategies

All in all we had a great meeting and enjoyed seeing some new and some familiar faces! We shared many great beers and learned quite a bit. We hope to see you all at the next one! If you'd like to host a future meeting please get in contact with one of our officers at basinbrewerstx@gmail.com

Up next is Big Brew on May 6th to celebrate National Homebrew Day!

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