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Lone Star Circuit Competition - The Bluebonnet Brew-off


The Bluebonnet Brew-off is coming up!

If you are entering, please chose 'going' and indicate the number of entires so that I can have the right size box(s). If you are not entering, do nothing. 

You are responsible for registering and paying your entry fees at: You will need three bottles of beer. I WILL NOT LABEL YOUR BOTTLES!!!!!! YOU MUST DO THIS!!!!! Message me if you need help.

The entry window for the Bluebonnet opens on Janury 15th and closes an Janury 29th. Once the competition fills up with 1525 entires, it will close, so enter your beers early.

Entires MUST be received no later than February 2. I will collecting all entries for the club no later than 1/30 so that I can box them up and ship them on the morning of the 31st. Shipping to Dallas is overnight so it will get there on time. Feel free to bring entries to the meeting on the 28th for drop-off. IF YOU DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR ENTRIES BY JANUARY 30TH AT 9:00PM YOUR ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SHIPPING.

Always remember: If more than two club members enter a Texas BJCP competition, the club will pay shipping.

Please note that I will be creating 'events' for all entry dates for Texas BJCP competitions.

Aaron Pachlhofer
Secondary Fermenter

National Homebrew Association's National Homebrew Competition 

Registration dates Jan 30- Feb 5, handled on line here-

If two or more club members register, the club will pay to ship your entries. Contact Aaron for more details.

The Annual Basin Brewer's Pale-Off
Our annual Pale Ale competition will coincide with March Meat Madness.

This competition is a single-category contest. All entries will be judged by the BJCP definition of American Pale Ale, which is described in detail as category 18.B in this PDF document-

If you have questions, contact Aaron. Get your fermenter bubbling and good luck.

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