May 8, 2017

Basin Brewers AHA Big Brew 2017

Big Brew 2017 was a huge success! There were some new faces, and some old faces we hadn't seen in awhile. Reds, pales, ciders, a little bit of everything was brewed. There were a few kinks (as there always are on brew day) but the recoveries are what matters and everyone jumped in to help their fellow brewers when trouble arose! It was great watching each brewer's process and how we all do things a little differently but all with the end goal of great beer!

Thank you to everyone who came out to brew and to observe. We give a huge thank you to Aaron and his family for letting us take over their driveway and yard for the day. And thanks to Joe for the midday sandwich run and to John for the donuts (can't drink in the sun all day with out some food in your gut!) See you all at the round table meeting on May 27th!

Photos from the event...

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