Aug 16, 2015

Lobster Boil Brewing Competition Details


As always, Lobster Boil means it is time for our open category brewing contest. That's right, you can enter beer from any category in the 2008 BJCP Style Guidelines, though traditionally most entries tend to be warm-weather brews. (Yes, yes, I know that there are new 2015 BJCP category guidelines, but the judging sheets and phone apps are still keyed to the 2008 version, so the new guidelines will have to wait until next year.)

We do not charge entry fees for this competition. Each brewer may submit one or two different recipes for judging. For each recipe, you must submit two 12-ounce bottles. Bottles should be brown glass with no glued-on labels or identifying marks. Longnecks and stubbies are both welcome. Highly carbonated entries may be submitted in 375 ml Belgian bottles to prevent bottle bombs, but please use bottles that take crown-caps, not corks and cages. Each bottle should have a BJCP identification form attached with a rubber band. It is wise to hold onto a third bottle just in case we need additional samples.

Entries must be turned in by Monday, September 14th to allow us time to hold preliminary judging prior to the night of the Lobster Boil. We will judge the top five entires the night of the event and announce a winner on the 26th.

Midland entries can be dropped off at Aaron's house (3520 Hyde Park.) Odessa entries can be dropped off at The Cellar (5100 East University.)


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