Jan 25, 2015

Beer Review -Duchesse De Bourgogne (Brouwerij Verhaeghe. Vichte, Belgium)

Appearance - Brown with glints of red when held to the light. Thin light-tan head that lingers and laces through the session.

Aroma - Tart cherries, apple cider vinegar, pipe tobacco and leather.

Flavor - Sweet and tangy cherry soda and maltiness up front followed by a tart and earthy mid, and a very smooth vanilla-lemony finish- almost like one of those lemon bars. Thin mouth feel. Very easy to sip- delicate and refreshing.

Overall impression- this is some amazingly tasty stuff! It is complex, fruity, and (of course) sour. Make no mistake- this is very different from the vast majority of beers out there. If you've never had a sour before, there is a chance you won't like it simply because it is so different. In all honesty, I have come to look at sour beers not as beer at all. In my mind, sours occupy some hazy, mystical land between ale and wine- an almost etherial, dream-like place where anything can happen. It's a world I haven't ventured to very often- and when I have, it has been with mixed results.

But I can tell you this- if you are contemplating taking your first walk in the sour woods, the Duchesse is a sweet and friendly tour guide.

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  1. I had one of these a few nights ago. It was awesome!


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